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Loans- are you suffering with an impaired finance history? Have you been refused credit, or a loan, because of problems in the past? If you have, or suspect you have been refused finance because of an adverse, bad or poor credit history, we can still help you. A bad credit history does not mean that you can’t get an unsecured finance. Every month literally 1000’s of people who have a poor history get granted additional finance by using us.

As long as you are employed and you are over 18, you can apply!
* All types of tenants
* Home owners
* From £500 to £25,000
* Finance is available even if you have CCJ's, defaults, or a generally bad credit history.

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Being refused or having a poor rating is nothing to be ashamed of and we won't judge you either. We may still be able to arrange an unsecured bad credit loan for you even if you've been turned down or refused credit many times. A poor finance history is just that, history. So why not fill in our online form today for a free quotation and perhaps we can turn your past into a positive result.

What is an unsecured poor finance?

Unsecured poor history loans are for people who have had problems in the past, and now have a less than perfect rating. An unsecured finance does not require you to use your property as a guarantee or security for the money either. As it is unsecured, the finance offers a little more flexibility to the borrower that does not wish to put their home at risk.

Who are unsecured poor finances designed for?

Unsecured poor history finances are, in the first instance, best suited to those with a poor history who do not wish to secure the finance against their property. In the second instance, an unsecured finance is often the only option for people or tenants who suffer with an impaired history and have no property to secure the finance against.

Who can apply for unsecured finance?

The simple answer is anybody can apply for an unsecured finance, however in reality before an unsecured application can be processed your age and employment status are taken into consideration.

As long as you are employed and you are over 18, you can apply. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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We endeavour to help you without any fuss or hassle as we try to offer the best value impartial finances for you. As long as you are employed and you are over 18, you can apply. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote!